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The first condition of good nutrition is the selection Bluth and their distribution throughout the total day. Rhetorical problem, but the answer suggests itself for itself - from small to large we love very vkusno to eat! Our website is specially designed for women who love to pamper their men, well and not only them, but ourselves. Dinner, like a rule, consists of 2 or 3 dishes, and have a light and it should be taken no later than 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. If the first rule Breakfast should consist of nutritious foods, cereals (oatmeal, rice. Ladies, we give You recipes that will not leave indifferent any man, because we all known one wisdom a - Line women to a man's heart is through his stomach! Basically you should eat 4 times a day: Breakfast, another Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

On the main page of our site would be given a place of rational, properly balanced nutrition.

That way the same should be considered, if at lunch on the first fed fed borscht or soup, second dish should be easy - the vegetables or seafood. When increased appetite recommended before operum a traditional dish salad or appetizer. vegetable stew, etc., tea, coffee or cocoa, lunch like a rule, should consist of 4 dishes: first - meat, fish or vegetable soup; the second hot dishes of meat, fish or oposa; desert; drink, jelly, juice or tea. So let dear men taste of vkusnostey, specially prepared for them by their lovely ladies!

During the meal it is recommended to take. also, Salen - dill, parsley, lettuce, etc. - it improves metabolism.

You should eat with pleasure.
Low-calorie cake "Black Prince" podget not only as desert, but also for any occasion. (Find the recipe in "Baking")
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